Non-Surgical Facelift

About the non-surgical facelift

63 Skin Clinic uses the Cutera®Titan™ to rejuvenate skin in its deepest undermost layers using safe infrared light. It gives you an all-natural option to enhance skin tone, tighten and smooth skin as well as diminish wrinkles and lines. This is all accomplished without surgery, recovery time or injections.

The Cutera Titan provides a non-invasive treatment which stimulates the natural renewal of collagen deep within your skin. Throughout the procedure, the skin’s top surface (epidermis) is protected through continuous cooling with the Titan hand piece. At the same time, Titan’s light-based platform provides a more uniform distribution of energy for heating the deep dermis than other energy sources, such as RF (radio frequency). With each Titan pulse, you will feel a brief heating sensation. Some patients are more comfortable taking a mild pain reliever before the procedure. Many patients are comfortable without any medication.

Since the Titan procedure heats tissue under the skin’s surface, patients of any age or skin type can be treated. Although a single treatment has produced very good results for many patients, it is relatively common for patients to have two or three treatments over the course of a few months.

Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at 63 Laser & Skin Clinic will advise you as to the number and frequency of treatments recommended for optimal results from the Cutera Titan. Call today for a free consultation.