Chin Augmentation

About chin augmentation (implants)

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure done to create a chin and jaw line that are more pronounced and in better harmony with other facial features using an implant.  This procedure will not correct poor teeth alignment or improve the jaw’s basic shape or shape. However, chin augmentation can enhance both the projection of the chin and the angle between the neck and jaw for a dramatically more youthful, well balanced facial appearance.

A small chin can have a large impact on the entire face. It can make the nose look large. An overbite can appear more pronounced. A backward-slanting forehead can be more accentuated. Excess fat or skin in the neck can draw more attention.  Psychologically, a receding chin can register with another individual as a sign of weakness.

Chin augmentation can be safely performed on an individual as young as 17 or l8. It may make a modest improvement in the way one looks from the front. Like cosmetic nose surgery, chin augmentation is primarily intended to enhance the profile. Ideally, the chin should extend the same distance as the lower lip. This means, that if hold your index finger vertically against your lower lip, your finger will also touch your chin.

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