Fat Transfer

About fat transfer

We all admire the appearance of youthful skin. It is smooth, naturally moisturized and highly elastic. As we age, factors like gravity, sun exposure, daily facial contractions and changes in body chemistry all contribute to breaking down the skin’s healthy support system. The end result is wrinkles, frown lines and other facial skin imperfections.

Younger looking skin can result from fat transfer. It is a surgical procedure in which one’s own fat is removed from one area and inserted into another. It is ideally suited for plumping up skin folds and creases along the sides of the nose (“smile lines”). It is often used to erasing wrinkles at the corners of the mouth (“marionette lines”). Fat transfer can smooth foreheads. It is especially effective in adding fullness and shape to lips.

Fat transfer is a less risky, more predictable and longer lasting alternative to collagen. Though repeat surgery is usually necessary to maintain full results, highly safe fat transfer can give you smoother, younger looking skin for years to come.

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