Female Breast Reduction

About female breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)

Female breast reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce and reshape large, pendulous breasts. Women with large breasts can suffer from physical health problems including chronic back and neck pain, poor posture, skin irritation, shoulder scarring and breathing difficulties. In addition to correcting physical health problems, breast reduction can also improve the ability to exercise, which often leads to a lifetime of better weight management.

Once the breasts have stopped developing, breast reduction can be performed at any time. Young girls with very large breasts may seek to have the procedure even before their breasts are fully developed to alleviate severe emotional stress. If breast reduction is performed too early in development, a second procedure may be necessary later. Liposuction may be a better alternative for women looking for moderate reduction when they have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue as well as good skin tone and nipple placement.

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