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Post-Op MassageX™

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Post-Op MassageX and Drainage

$1200 Paid In Full or $165/Session

10 sessions of post-op lymphatic massage for a faster recovery and body sculpting with Radio Frequency.

63 Post-Op MassageX & Drainage
Peach Booty MassageX Package

$450 Paid In Full or $110/Session

6 session post brazilian butt lift massage with Radio Frequency – 35 min per session

Peach Booty MassageX Package
Post-Op MassageX and Drainage With I.V.

$1700 Paid In Full Or $190/Session

10 sessions of post-operative lymphatic massage and sculpting with I.V. therapy for pain management – 45 min per session 

Pain Controlled Post-Op MassageX ) & Drainage with I.V.

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